Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Do you think they're scared?

You think they're scared?

Kids who can do an underwater, dive in, dance until their feet pain and play guitar though their fingers bleed.. You think these kids are afraid of a simple white and black paper you give them; Examinations?
These infinitely powerful bunch of learners, our future, our creation, you think they fear tests?

Its you who had told them that if they don't make it through this one, they'll be nowhere.

Just-turned-into-Adults, these guys in their 20s, do they have to hate their families or declare the families a barrier to their progress? Its now that I realize my father ain't at all scary as I thought he was all the time in my schooling years. I was made to have an image of him as that one scary person whose command would make me clear the tests. He was as friendly as any of my friends could get and without a doubt, more loving. I am sure he would have said, 'its ok if you did not clear your 3rd grade, we have another year, tomorrow's another good morning' and I am sure those mornings would be as normal with my dad and mom but not at school! "I will not send you to the 4th grade if you don't frame this answer when I already have taught you to do so."
Well does that stop me from growing? Who said you have to do anything with my age factor? My birthday comes every year, irrespective of these sheets of papers, unfortunately they come to me each year, growing in numbers. Does not promoting me do anything with my capacity for learning?

They're scared when you try to snatch their most beautiful talents away from them. If only they could frame a sentence to tell you that 'don't you dare hamper my natural creativity, don't you just fail me in grade 7 but make sure you remove me out of school and don't let me into any such institute like this one!'

If you can hear them, they cry not because they've not gotten ascending numbers across the single lined papers but because you failed to appreciate that little colour combination they just experimented with in their drawing books and how they learnt to cut the piece of paper to make their new shapes and angles when you were busy looking why did they matched the 45 degree triangle to the rectangle on the right side of the page..when they were asked about matching the similar equilateral.

Teens! The most enthusiastic lot, we could ever have in our surroundings. By the time they pass their schools, they're made to look at their parents unlike their own parents. If you look back, most of us feel we were adopted. This lot are sometimes hated by their families too, forced to break the ties. Why did they grow up like that while their families still love them the same and God is fair to all ages, I am sorry it has to do nothing with adrenaline! Adrenaline by all means is so positive as it makes you so energetic. The opposite of Adrenaline is Lazy, isn't it?


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