Monday, 24 November 2014

22 revolutions: 

How colors contribute to my learning.

Colors. If I were the Earth, I would have revolved 22 times around the rainbow and If I were a carnivore, I would still be eating just the flowers from over the world!

1.Green- I joined hands with nature ever since I started my trips. It never lets me alone. Hell for me is where there is no glimpse of nature.

Blue- The Water Sky-Sky Water. The picture of earth makes me wonder. There's so much of it and so less I've explored. Blue is the Sky and so blue is the water too!

3.Turquoise- Gem! Gems! Glitter! Another beauty that I've learnt to adore over the years, all that glitters... is a visual treat indeed!

Pink- Femininity. With no offence to the male counterparts who adore the color too, this color gives me grounds when I've got to dress feminine, when I've got to act feminine, I keep the color in front of me. It’s a booster to my girly senses!

Orange- A die-hard fan of this color. This! After being an Orange Observer for months, I started to observe all other colors and appreciating the same. Orange to me is like a school to a kid. A school where I am learning the art of appreciation!

6. Black/White/ Grey- Typing! Word documents and the other office tools. My laptop comprises of these colors are I could type for hours, since I've gotten used to this combination. Where there is a White and Black, there is a lot of typing!

Diamond- Shopping malls! If you were God and if you grant me a day out for shopping in Dubai Mall, I will never be able to pick a single awesome wearable stuff for me except diamonds! It’s not me, it’s the diamonds. You pick any; it’s going to be one of the best! Which encourages me to say that it’s only the diamond that I can shop for with accuracy?
8. Silver- Cars? Well, all that I've learnt for the ages about cars, Silver is the color to pick!

Gold- The color I dislike. If there are things around me that I don't quite like, I associate it to the color gold. For example, if my painting did not quite turn out to be how I liked it, I'd give it a border of gold and then I know I've got to ignore every bit of it!

Blue- Again? Well it’s because you can wear it too! Apart from the sky-water-water-sky, I like it when you are dressed in blue and I like it when I dress me in blue too!

11. Magenta- Words like claustrophobic, onomatopoeia, rendezvous fall in this list. Why would they name it Magenta? When it could simply be called as a pink jewel or jewel pink? And a pink diamond could be called as Magenta or a figure of speech that is associated with a girl could be called as magenta!

Red- The color of my room! Anything that brings in a mix of adrenaline and peace, A Perfect Teenager! Red+ White helps me define people and their nature. And how it could merge with mine to; to then have a conversation.

13. Yellow: Sunshine. From a ray to the widespread of this color makes way for happiness as it lets me do away the dismay.

Brown? : Never imagined this would be on my top 22. But this helps me sort. Drawers, Doors, Cupboards, Sections are usually formed and painted in brown. And where there are no sections, there is sand, and there is mud. Gives a base to all the colors; fictitiously, keeps the silver, the magenta and the pink "grounded".

Plain White: Without a mix! Without a combination! This is The color that adds to and solves too, all the confusions. When it appears in spirals, nothing in world could twirl better. And when it forms the screen, a canvas on which you are free to do, say or hear, this color can be used to depict your story in any form.

Purple: A boring routine. When in routine, where there is no scope of anything but protocols, I see this shade revolving in my head. It helps no bit to awake any of my senses.

17. Pinkish White or the Skin or the Nude:
Makes me stronger in believes of equality. I learn the laws, rules on roads, rules about safety, because it is the color that has been used to paint us all. I see humans and I understand Humanity when this is the base color for scriptures.

Unidentified: When a color, any color doesn't please the eye, a bad multicolored is the closest hint I could give you to define this color. When anything that harms, comes close to me, I cannot keep a distinction in colors. 

19. Multicolored: A perfect distinction of any colors is my call for every occasion. If I were to celebrate that one day, I would spend ages to gather all the colors I know of and have it all at one place.

20. Starry: The color of Stars, the Night sky! This is the blend that puts me to sleep. On a day of love, the same sky becomes a friend indeed to sit and firmly hold hands and just be there. Friends to me are like the stars at night, right there!

21. Monotony: Well this color is used at my workplace. It is a color that makes me ignorant of all other colors. Be it in the brightest of sun or the whitest of winter, I would go blank if the screen plays monotony! All my middlemen and higher management are painted with the color of monotony; they neither know whom they work for nor are they aware of whom to give the work. Color of MISMANAGEMENT! 

22. Olive: The color I least use to learn. This is the color that I pick when no other color suit. If I were solving a jigsaw, and if I cannot find two pieces, I would spill this shade of green and it makes me feel the jigsaw is just right!

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